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Wasel is a singer, poet, songwriter, latin pop composer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Wasel hails from Cali, Colombia. His family brought him to America at the age of 5, ending up in Houston via New York City and Chicago. Abandoned by his mother at age 16, his teenage years were riddled with instability. But after years of turmoil, Wasel found refugee in his art and a new lease on life. His drive to overcome his past defined the person Wasel is today.
On his first solo album, I’m the bad guy, Wasel speaks of his struggles and emotions. He is inspired by the many artist who defined the years of a teenager growing up in late 90’s early 2000 in the US, such as Tupac and Eminem. On his own style and with the collaboration of Don Dinero and Chris Gotti he delivered his first English rap album.
Writing from the heart, in his path of growth through life, his music transitioned with him. He wanted to explore his latin roots. He releases his first Spanish tracks: “Solo Amigos” and “Valor”.
Wasel found a way to join two parts of his identity and create his own unique crossover style. His music is real and personal, capturing the nuances of everyday experiences. Each song stands on its own like a footprint of his life history. His melodies— from mid-tempo flow to sharp lyrical— have personalities that touch and move the hearts and souls of his fans worldwide.
In 2021, in collaboration with producer Scott Summer and Sire he release Colorblind, another Spanish/English crossover, that landed Wasel a sync deal with BMG. Now he released No Le Pare with 6x grammy producer Napoles. 
Wasel believes in philanthropy as an essential element of his artistry, with community service as a driving force. With a goal to become a positive role model for today’s youth, he has partnered with many charities to provide support and educational guidance for youth literacy projects and entrepreneurship programs. His passion is evident: Wasel would like to change the world by advancing peace, harmony and understanding among people and cultures.

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